15th Ward Home Repair Program for Necessary Repairs

With a Forgivable Loan you can borrow up to $5,000.00 to make code related repairs. There are no monthly payments. If you live in your home for at least 5 years ,the entire balance is forgiven. You are eligible to apply for a Forgivable Home Loan for necessary repairs if: you own & live in your home You have occupied your home for 2 years Your home has no more than four units You meet the income guidelines Grand Oak Hill Community Corporation at 4168 Juniata administers the program. How do you apply? Call 865-5530 ext. 108 for an appointment. Zach Wilson, Housing Director.


15th Ward Housing Initiative

The 15th Ward Housing initiative is based on a strategy of increasing home ownership in areas that are densely rental, creating affordable owner occupied housing and creating new markets in housing. The initiative is driven by our census data. We are also striving to facilitate development of our vacant buildings. The Chapter 99 Blighting Bill is a tool that provides tax abatement as an incentive for rehabilitation of a building. Our housing is strengthened with investment and our demographics diversified.

A targeted market for investment is the 15th Ward portion of Gravois Park. Community Development Agency (CDA) Projects: New Construction: 3633-39 Tennessee 3 units for sale, (under construction) Sale Price $115,000.00 Pyramid Con Winnebago & Arkansas 8 units of for sale, new construction, Sale price TBD We have many CDA rehab projects in the planning process: 3457 Giles, BRICO Dev. 3458 S Spring, Sam Meller 3417 Louisiana, Grand Oak Hill 3500 McKean, Millenium 3504 McKean, Wayne Beaty Dev. 3460 Oak Hill

3460 Oak Hill is an LRA Building acquired with Community Development Block Grant CDA is entertaining proposals for the building including a plan for market rate condos, financing and adhering to a time line.

Street and Alley Paving

Street and alley paving in the 15th Ward will begin in July. The Street Dept. evaluates the condition of our alleys and streets. Approximately 17 of the worst alleys and streets are then paved each year. A couple of blocks along Utah Place will not be paved (a decision made by a concensus of the neighbors). Most of the alleys in our ward have been paved. This year’s list for paving include: Fairview Miami Oleatha Gravois Tholozan Chippewa Keokuk Alberta Winnebago Please call me if you have any questions or feel that your street or alley need attention. 622-3763

South Side National Bank Building’s South Side Tower Condo Completed

We celebrated the completion of South Side Tower’s 6th floor condo with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, May 31, 2006. Lawrence Group is developing this historic structure known formerly as the South Side National Bank Building into 13 market rate condos and 22,000 sq. ft. of commercial space. The commercial space is 60% leased. Seven of the thirteen condos have been sold. Remaining construction to begin in the next 60 days.

What an exciting project! We rallied together to save this historic structure from demolition for a Walgreen’s. Allegiant Bank donated the Bank Building as well as the land to Grand Oak Hill Community Corporation for a tax write off allowing me to surface a developer. Lawrence Group plans new construction on Grand at Tholozan as well as Gravois.

The second phase of their project is rehabilitation of the old Melba Theater also known as the “Pizza A Go Go Building” located across the street from South Side on Grand at Miami. There are tentative plans for 16 apartment units and 10 commercial storefronts.

The South Side total project cost is approximately 6.7 million dollars. The project had a financing gap of $1.4 million which was addressed by my legislating a TIF (Tax Increment Financing Bill). I anticipate a similar financing plan for the Melba.